Home Blog Want to go to the cinema during self-isolation? Why not create an outdoor cinema in your back garden!

Want to go to the cinema during self-Isolation? Why not create an outdoor cinema in your back garden!

By Luhobox | Blog | 15 Apr 2020 |

Make the most of warm weather and self-isolation, head outdoors to watch your favorite film in your own backyard!

Here is how!

Whether you’re setting up your outdoor cinema at the bottom of the garden or on a balcony or roof terrace, make sure you have a piece of ground that’s dry and sheltered from the wind.

With a few simple tips you can create an outdoor cinema that's sure to be a summertime favorite.


  • A projector
  • A sheet or projector panel
  • A frame or wall
  • An extension cord to reach the nearest power supply
  • Cushions, blankets, comfy chairs
  • A computer with your favorite films
  • Speakers

The Little Touches

Adding little touches can make the experience homely, intimate and magical. By adding fairy lights, bunting or glass lanterns around the screen or where you and your guests are seated, you can make your garden into a magical wonderland. You can even have your guests give little tickets to add a touch of old-school or VIP to the home event. There are so many little extras to your home outdoor cinema, you can choose which ones work best for you to enjoy for that intimate and magical summer evening.

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