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How to create memories during isolation with kids

By Luhobox | Blog | 28 Jan 2021 |

How to create memories during isolation with kids

Children's memories must be cultivated, there are of course no ready-made recipes!

Memories and recollections in children are of paramount importance and a large part of their emotional being. It is therefore up to us parents to make sure that our child has as many unforgettable experiences during this beautiful part of their life.

Childhood is the period that will define who they will become later. It is therefore essential that every child has good memories. The child will not necessarily cherish a memory that has something material, but rather a memory linked to affection and joy. As parents, it is our duty to create these memories by spending time with them. We should also get into the habit of remembering good memories and sharing them out loud.

How do you create memories?

Give them a special day with their friends and a unique chocolate experience with chocolate maker Helene Goethals. (based in Brookvale, Northern Beaches, Sydney)

A unique experience where they:

- learn how chocolate is made,

- will participate in a tasting,

- make their own chocolate lollipops and cake balls while decorating their own bag to take them away with.

- will enjoy a succulent hot or cold chocolate.

All this for your child and 5 of their friends! What a great way to spend an unforgettable day!

Chocolate workshop in Sydney

Chocolate Workshop in Sydney

Want to gift this experience for your child and their friends? : Chocolate workshop in Sydney

How can you keep these memories for the rest of your life? And why are childhood memories important?

It's important to help teach your child to ingrain their early years with positive experiences. Memories are our foundation, the ground we walk on throughout our lives. Talking together about these good memories is a great way to cultivate them! 

By doing so regularly, you will help them to imprint these memories forever.

A Photoshoot session for the whole family is a great way to record these memories.

Lifestyle photoshoot session in Sydney

This lifestyle photoshoot is designed to celebrate the bond between you and your family.

Create memories together that will last a lifetime.

A great way to immortalize the important moments of your life!

Psychologists are fairly unanimous: what makes a child happy is spending time with their parents and siblings. So don't neglect this precious family time... They grow up so fast!

Want to book this experience?: Family photoshoot in Sydney by Christie

Lifestyle photoshoot session in Sydney

So, for the next holiday or birthday, instead of shopping for toys, consider spending that money on experiences. You can even request that other gift-givers, such as grandparents, contribute to your vacation fund rather than buying a toy for your child. The memories from the special time you spend as a family will last far longer than your child’s interest in the next toy they receive.

Want to help with making memories? Check out these experiences, choose one, and send it in our perfect little boxes! So that they still have the magic of unwrapping a present!



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