health coach online programs by coty

Coty can help you in creating long-term healthy habits and achieve a better version of yourself, conscious and effortlessly.


Coty Martinez is a holistic health coach certified by Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), digital entrepreneur, MBA and accountant who changed her career path to follow her passion for health and wellness.

After struggling more than twenty years with dieting and binge eating and healed, Coty mas made her life’s mission to empower women to overcome their challenges with food and body image so they can live happy, authentic and fulfilling lives.

Her unique approach not only addresses the change of unhealthy habits trough nutrition and fitness advise but also the underlying causes of food, body and self love issues to transform her clients’ reality from the inside out.

Trough specific techniques and strategies, Coty will guide you to reprogram old habits by creating your own blueprint to achieve a happier and healthier life free from dieting.


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