Couple's Coaching - "Emerald" 5 x 60 minute Personal Coaching Sessions with the Amazing Waratah


*5 x 60 minute Personal Coaching Sessions with Waratah

*5 weeks email coaching follow-up

*Download 107 page Ebook Intimacy; The Art of Loving Connection. Filled with practical exercises that you can use every day to enhance your connection.

*6 Powerful modules with videos, meditations and guided practices. Each week you will be provided with full instruction including practical exercises, guided visualisations and homework tasks to keep you on track to discovering new ways of being within your relationship. You’ll gain new tools to skillfully build a powerful and peaceful new relationship paradigm.

*As a bonus you will be granted lifetime access to the Facebook group. Providing you a place within a conscious community. A space for connecting with like minded others who are on a soulful journey into deeper loving.This group is totally secret so only those in the group will know you are there. Waratah moderates this group to keep discussions empowering. A safe, shame free space for empowering discussions with like-minded people.

*You will have full access to the course content and Facebook group for lifetime.

*Lifetime access to all online modules



This experience is not suitable for children.


Waratah works from the understanding that to come into connection and communication, what is fundamentally required is that the nervous system needs to be quiet.

It is only from this state that the part of the brain that allows us to connect is able to be activated. While there is a stress response, no matter how small, this part of the brain is unable to be accessed and hence we end up in miss communication, conflict and lack of connection.

It has been shown that 69% of what couples argue about is unresolvable….so we need to become masterful in managing conflict. The first part of which is to quiet the nervous system so both voices/people can be heard. The retreat is a presentation of a series of different ways that we can, firstly quiet the nervous system, and from there build effective ways to move into connection and communication. Using skills from a range of modalities that have proven effect in enhancing couples’ relationships so that we can engage in the fun, dynamic, harmonious and loving relationships we all crave.


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